Friday, March 7, 2014

We're moving!

Mr. Gus Outdoors is moving to, a consolidation of several of my blogs. Now just one, and it is located here... I hope you'll join me, and share in my stories of working with people, love of the outdoors, and helping people know and love God as they understand him.

Gus Koerner
From the field.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Rabbit Run

I wrote this on post duty the other night. Post duty at a prison is driving around the outside, very slowly and making sure everything is secure. If by chance there was some movement or disruption to the electronic sensors, the officer would investigate and call the results in by radio. A rabbit in prison, is slang for an escapee, and the Rabbit Run is the area between the two outside fences. Each fence is usually about twelve feet tall, and covered from top to bottom in razor wire. Here's my song, just need to set it to music...

Rabbit Run

Headed down the rabbit run, a hundred miles an hour. One eye on the prison guard, the other on the tower.

They locked me up in 2004 for robbin' a convenience store.  I didn't wanna shoot the guy, but at that second it was him or I.

Sittin' here with all my friends, never going to make amends. My Mama cries both day and night, that's why I'm gonna make this flight.

If I can make it underground, I'll avoid the cameras or take a round. Don't wanna climb that thorny wire, it'll spill my guts before I tire.

Headed down the rabbit run, a hundred miles an hour. One eye on the prison guard, the other on the tower.

- G. Koerner, Jan. 22, 2014, 12:30am

Thursday, January 23, 2014


What is it I love about rope?

You can tie it, bend it, mold it and format potters clay.  If you mess it up, it straightens out, over and over again for another day.

It's useful, decorative, conforms to my imagination and will.  When I'm done with it, I just put it down, and it waits for me so still to play another day.

Sadly, I'm afraid rope has other uses; like over the limb of a hangman's bough.  But proudly it does its job, serving its purpose, forever neutral to the user's intentions.

For me it will always be a useful, creative and trustworthy friend, that does its best to serve my needs.  Thanks rope!

- Gus Koerner, 01/22/14, 2:00am